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DS: quick sale- wa outfit and QF OP [Apr. 27th, 2010|07:48 pm]
Qutie Frash - Asian Cyber Wear


Bodyline wa-lolita set
Top, corset, and skirt.  Never worn, still with tags.
The sizing directly from the site-

The top- Length 60cm  Sleeve length 75cm  Bust 102cm 
Skirt-  Length 43-59cm  Waist 64-100cm
Corset-  Length 33cm   Waist 64-74cm

Sold out on the bodyline site.

Asking price: $65 $52 + shipping

Qutie Frash OP
Gorgeous Qutie Frash OP purchased in Japan. Worn a few times but it has been dry cleaned since. 
I do not wear it so it is better to pass it on.
Will fit a various amount of sizing because of stretchy material. Bust can go as low as 28 to as high as 42". Waist the same (max 40").
Coordinates nicely with underskirts, corsets, detachable sleeves, etc.
Can work well with Takuya Angel coordinates as well.

Wishing to get $20 less than I paid for it in Japan.
Asking price: $80 $64 $51 + shipping
20% reduction!