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Pics + New website info [Sep. 5th, 2008|01:51 pm]
Qutie Frash - Asian Cyber Wear
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I bought a Qutie coat, but forgot to post pictures until now ^^;

The front, pretty basic. Its really comfy ^^

Dragon on the lower-back...>_>; Yeah I'm taking pics of my ass for the Comm. That's dedication, right there.

And as for Qutie Frash news, the website has updated their layout again, aka someone over there really enjoys working in Flash, lol. There's some new things:

Something called "Q-Magazine" has popped up. Link: http://www.qutiefrash.com/QF_test/index.html
It's probably just going to be a magazine-catalog of sorts. Another section of the site calls it 'mail magazine' so I assume that it's actually going to print and not just a webzine.

Under the "We Are" section there's a small spot abotu recruiting. If you life in Japan, I think they're looking for some new hires.

And OMG the official blog has a giff of the dancing peanut-butter jelly banana sporting a Jamaican colored afro and smoking a joint. XD WTF??